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Creative programming: Interactivity and Graphics in P5.JS






Bratislava (SK)


Alexandra Verzier

Due to COVID-19, Creative programming: Interactivity and Graphics in P5.JS is postponed to a later date. We will update this post once we have more information.

Art installation? Motion graphics, interactive web applications, audio and video, typography, 3D modeling? Utilization of generativity and “intelligent” algorithms in design, architecture and art?

For all this and many other things a programming environment P5.JS can be used. A library derived from the Processing platform, tailored to the increasingly used JavaScript language, has been created specifically for artists and creative people to shorten the way from idea to creation using technology. For all who want to learn how to realize their (audio) visual fantasies through a computer, we have prepared an introductory workshop focused on working with graphics and simple interactivity.

Lecturer Alexandra Verzier is an artist and graduate of Media Technology at Leiden University.


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