Critical Writing Workshop

by 23 February 2018


Critical Writing Workshop



till 25.02.2018



Sonic Acts


Amsterdam, NL



The 3-day Critical Writing workshop brings together emerging and diverse European bloggers, journalists, critics and writers interested in the field of interdisciplinary arts.

Together they explore different ways of writing about and discussing art and society. The workshop develops the digital skills and knowledge of the participants, and increases their digital literacy through practical assignments and the writing of new critical texts. In line with the theme of Sonic Acts Academy and Re-Imagine Europe, the workshop engages with artistic practice as a means to explore new ideas in response to the social and political challenges of climate change, migration and technological advances. The workshop engages new and diverse audiences to become involved in the artistic process, and empowers emerging writers and critics to become change-makers themselves. In addition, the workshop creates transnational working opportunities for its editors and participants, and the participants act as role models for future audiences and writers.

Photo: Critical Writing Workshop 2017, Rosa Menkman

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