Disruptive Friday #10: Shadows of control

by 24 August 2020


Disruptive Friday #10: Shadows of control




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Elena B. Stavrevska, Artan Sadiku, Filip Balunovic moderated by Elena Veljanovska


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The way we experience politics has changed rapidly since the beginning of the pandemic. Globally, the pandemic has uncovered many weak spots in our societies, such as our health care systems, care facilities and solidarity practices. While governments are purportedly ‘doing everything’ to protect the population, in public life  we also witness growing state intervention, exercise of control and use of combative language.

Elena B. Stavrevska (political scientist, London School for Economics and Political Science, MK/UK),
Artan Sadiku (Philosopher and activist, MK),
Filip Balunovic (Political scientist, SRB)
moderated by Elena Veljanovska (Disruption Network Lab, MK/DE).

What are the effects of this on democracy? What measures are states taking to combat the pandemic and how do they affect citizens? How is the crisis communicated to citizens and how is this reflecting the culture of governing? What does growing state intervention mean for politics, conflict studies, human rights, solidarity and activism?

In this conversation we will focus on the response to the coronavirus outbreak in South Eastern European countries: North Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We will examine and question the execution of some political decisions in the region, the different political styles, misinformation and the lack of dialogue with the citizens. By taking a critical approach, we will also talk about citizens’ response to the measures, and how these measures reflected the current state of democracy in the respective societies.


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