Disruptive Fridays #4

by 24 April 2020


Disruptive Fridays #4




Disruption Network Lab


Berlin (DE)


Lauri Love, Joana Moll, Julian Finn, Tatiana Bazzichelli


Disruption Fridays

Disruption Network Lab has launched a new weekly programme stream in April called Disruptive Fridays sharing ideas for creative solutions and resistance to the isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The fourth edition of Disruptive Fridays features a conversation between: Lauri Love (Computer Scientist, UK), Joana Moll (Artist and Researcher, ES), Julian Finn (Hacker and Media Artist, DE) and Tatiana Bazzichelli (Director, Disruption Network Lab).

Starting 5pm (What time is it in Berlin now?)

During “Virus Tracking & Surveillance” we’ll discuss about the implications of tracking and data retention on everyday life, as well as the necessity to implement technology for collective care while respecting privacy and surveillance concerns.

A live conversation on the implication of citizen tracking during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Is tracking in public space becoming necessary to monitor individual health conditions, or do we need to protect our citizen rights to keep such data fully anonymous? In the last few weeks the necessity of developing Corona tracking apps has become part of a very crucial debate, but it is even more crucial to guarantee data protection.

Join the conversation live each Friday at 5pm  on Disruption Network Lab’s website, Facebook or Twitter (@disruptberlin) and join the the conversation via #DisruptiveFridays

Watch the episode below:

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