Evicted by greed: Mapping Berlin’s property owners

by 28 April 2020


Evicted by greed: Mapping Berlin’s property owners




Disruption Network Lab


Berlin (DE)


Christoph Trautvetter


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Who are you paying rent to? Who owns your house, and which company structures are behind it?
Many groups in Berlin have been working on data investigations to answer such questions: when combined, such data could have a big impact on understanding and fighting the financial speculation in the housing market.

Warming up to the online conference EVICTED BY GREED: Global Finance, Housing & Resistance (29-31 May 2020), Christoph Trautvetter (Netzwerk Steuergerechtigkeit / Wem gehört Berlin), will lead a workshop on different ways of mapping Berlin’s property ownership. Participants will hear more about and can try out different datasets of several Berlin-based initiatives that have worked on data investigations, do some guided research on their own cases and discuss together how we could work towards a common database that answers all questions of tenants in Berlin and beyond.

Programme – Starting from 19:00 hrs
Introduction by Christoph Trautvetter

  • Short presentations on data research by:
    • KunstBlock
    • Bündnis Zwangsräumung verhindern
    • Guerrilla Architects
  • Breakout groups to work on specific cases
  • Final discusssion

Workshop: Mapping Berlin’s property owners

When you try to map who owns Berlin’s properties, you run into several problems. You can’t get any data unless you collect it individually from tenants, or from others who have done such research. You can also get some information from websites like Immobilienscout, but that often doesn’t contain the address of the house or the owner but usually just the name of the agent or the administrator who is taking care of the sale or rental process. The second problem is, the data collected from the tenants gives you the direct legal owner but doesn’t tell you anything about who’s behind that company.

Many initiatives have collected and sometimes mapped real estate data to trace specific issues to spread local stories and build support networks or more recently to better understand the structure of real estate ownership (as Tagesspiegel & Wem Gehört Berlin with this search engine). For the project “Who owns the city” of the Rosa- Luxemburg Foundation, Christoph Trautvetter has issued a guidebook for tenants Wem zahle ich eigentlich Miete? (Who am I paying rent to?) and is currently collecting, analyzing and combining existing data.

In this workshop, led by Christoph Trautvetter (Netzwerk Steuergerechtigkeit / Wem gehört die Stadt), we will find out more on how to research who owns your house, where to get the data, and how to come to a common future database. Participants are invited to bring their own (or their friends’/neighbours’) cases and issues, search them in the existing databases, do some guided research on them and help us understand together what additional information and tools would be required in future to really answer the questions of the tenants in Berlin and beyond.


  • The event is free of admission but the number of participants is limited. Booking is essential.

  • To register, please write to with your name and  the link to join the online workshop will be send to you.

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