Sonic Pi Workshop for children: creative sound programming II

by 6 June 2019


Sonic Pi Workshop for children: creative sound programming II






Bratislava (SK)



This workshop is an opportunity to create experimental digital music with algorithms.

It’s also an invitation for all those who couldn’t participate on the previous sessions led by Fero Király few months ago. The participants will be divided in two groups – beginners and advanced. The beginners will learn the basics of working with Sonic Pi – all about tones and sounds. The advanced group will discover deeper secrets of composition techniques. We will conclude the workshop with a concert where the participants will show their works.

The workshop is appropriate for 10 years old children and more.

It is necessary to bring your own laptop with the installed Sonic Pi software and speakers.

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The workshop is a part of the project of international cooperation Re-Imagine Europe, co-financed with the program EU Creative Europe, Slovak arts council and Bratislava Autonomous Region.

Date | Saturday 15 June
Time | 10.00 a.m
Location | A4
Entry | 10 €

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