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Born in Venice and now located in Milan, Nahshi is an Italian DJ / producer who’s been incorporating diverse influences in his peculiar, hybrid take on club music, ranging from industrial 100 BPM beats to the shattering sounds of contemporary software-based, pop-infused electronic music. Known at first thanks to his dancefloor – oriented blends, Nahshi recently set out to investigate the crushing force of Lento Violento (as known as Slowstyle), an Italian club music genre originated in the early 00’s based on half-time, heavily-distorted kicks and slow tempos that knock the listener out by means of impending, genuine Tamarro violence – as brilliantly shown on his releases on Ashida Park and CM – Country Music. Nahshi’s sets closely relate to his quest for an explosive, ever-evolving dancefloor experience that brings together Slowstyle and the nastiest digital sound explorations.



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