New INA GRM Release – Teum (the Silvery Slit) 2019 by Okkyung Lee

by 20 December 2020

Now available the digital album with the work Teum (the Silver Slit from) by Okkyung Lee.

Statistique Synthétique draws as much from the history of computer sound synthesis as from its latest developments. But well beyond developing simply as a proof of concept, this piece aims to transcend the abstract status of synthetic sound objects and lead them to a properly hallucinatory state, that is to say to a meeting point where the object and perception dissolve into each other, in a sort of transcendental field. Beyond, also, hylomorphism, to reach the world of matter-form fusions, where perception knows how to see “shoulders of hills”, as Cézanne wrote.

Teum (the Silvery Slit) is, as the title suggests, an overture, an opening to the game of multiplications, fragmentations, duplications. But it is also the opening understood as the void that blossoms between two borders, a break from which escapes a double tension, both the pulling force of these two edges which move apart and the opposite force of reconciliation, of compression. Okkyung Lee invites us to a truly telluric moment, a rare moment of expression where tectonic movements and shear stresses become music. If the earthquakes were, as we thought in the 18th century, due to underground thunderstorms, there is no doubt that this piece of music, both celestial and continental, could have been their audible manifestation.

The Portraits GRMseries.
Perpetrating the fertile collaboration initiated in 2012 with Recollection GRM, the GRM and Editions MEGO have decided to offer a complementary series, no longer focused on the “classic” GRM repertoire but towards recent creations commissioned by the GRM. 

Teum (the Silvery Slit), 2019 / 20’03

Performed, recorded and composed by Okkyung Lee (ASCAP)
Mixed by Lasse Marhaug
Mastered by Guuseppe Ielasi
Photo by Lasse Marhaug

Part of Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Text by François Bonnet

Cut by Andreas Kauffelt at Schnittstelle, Berlin, September 2020
Sleeve design by Stephen O’Malley

Released in association with Editions Mego.
Coordination GRM: François Bonnet, Jules Négrier
Executive Production: Peter Rehberg

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