Blackouts: Invisible (Hi)stories and Collective Amnesia

by 6 January 2020

Blackouts: Invisible (Hi)stories and Collective Amnesia

By bergen kunsthall


Sandra Mujinga, Jeannette Ehlers and Christelle Oyiri


Bergen Kunsthall


Bergen (NO)



What does it mean to work with invisible (hi)stories? How do we manoeuvre through a situation marked by collective amnesia, and how does that affect how we take in information today? Is it always the responsibility of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) artists to retell the stories that have been erased? Does the amnesia repeat itself? Why is it difficult to access earlier (hi)stories told by and for BIPOC?

Plattform is proud to invite you to a discussion with artists and writers Sandra Mujinga, Jeannette Ehlers and Christelle Oyiri, moderated by curator Samuel Girma. The discussion is organised in connection with the exhibition “SONW – Shadow of New Worlds” by Sandra Mujinga, shown in Bergen Kunsthall 22. November 2019 — 19. January 2020.

Plattform is Bergen Kunsthall’s lecture series connected to our exhibition programme and wider contemporary debates.Plattform events are video-streamed live at , Vimeo and Facebook.The project is funded by Bergen Kommune, Fritt Ord, and the Creative Europe programme of the European Union as part of Re-Imagine Europe project.



courtesy of the organisation

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