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Ecoes Magazine

Edited by Mirna Belina


Sonic Acts





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Ecoes is a new periodic magazine from Sonic Acts Press. The magazine continues Sonic Acts’ emphasis on artists and thinkers proposing alternatives to the anthropocentric view that sees Earth and the non-human world as an endless resource.

The first issue presents artists that focus on mining, microplastics, the origins of the blues from an Indigenous perspective that sees humans as entangled with the environment, Cold War toxic legacies and depleted uranium, invasive species and deadly clouds in one of the epicentres of extractivist operations in the Russian Arctic.

Featured artists and thinkers include Anika Schwarzlose, Brian D. McKenna, Sissel Marie Tonn, MELT, Maryam Monalisa Gharavi, Devin Hentz, Angela Chan, Ameneh Solati, Arjuna Neuman, Sarah Kanouse, Kyveli Mavrokordopoulou, Carson Fisk-Vittori and Rosa Whiteley.

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