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Global Fallout: Covid-19 in Africa, Latin America & Beyond · Disruptive Fridays #20


Jacqueline Klopp, Madlen Davies and Ido Vock


Disruption Network Lab





In the follow-up Disruptive Fridays to the 23rd Conference, Behind the Mask: Whistleblowing During the Pandemic, Alannah Travers is joined by three speakers to discuss the impact of the pandemic and vaccine roll-out in the Global South: Jacqueline Klopp, Co-Director of the Center for Sustainable Urban Development at Columbia University, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism’s Global Health Correspondent, Madlen Davies and the New Statesman’s International Correspondent, Ido Vock.

The guests are taking a look at the global implications (and unintended consequences) of Covid-19 – with Jaqueline discussing her research as part of Global Integrity’s Anti-Corruption Evidence Programme, exploring corruption, gender and small scale cross border trade due to covid restrictions in East Africa, and Madlen and Ido discussing their coverage of the pandemic this year and the geopolitical (and geo-strategic) implications of the vaccine roll-out.

Photo Courtesy of the organisation

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