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Berlin (DE)



Spektrum has produced a guide on the community work that they undertook during the past 3,5 years, as part of their participation in the Re-Imagine Europe project.

In it, Spektrum describes how they built up a community structure, how communities were formed, how they developed and which issues were faced. Throughout the years, Spektrum has been active in various community building projects and has collectively gathered a long list of tips & tricks for community building, as well as links to additional resources. By sharing the lessons they learned during the community building process, they are able to inspire others to initiate similar initiatives in the spirit of ’do-it-together-with-others’. This guide is published as part of the audience development tool series of Re-Imagine Europe. It can be shared and distributed under Creative Commons license (CC-BY-SA 3.0 German).

Report written by Lieke Ploeger, with contributions by Michael Ang, Valeria Barvinska, Troy Duguid, Claire Fristot, Arthur Gib, Magdalena Klein, Felix Klee, Olga Kozmanidze, Merle Leufgen, Byrke Lou and Vladimir Storm. The SPEKTRUM community program was concepted and set up by Alfredo Ciannameo (curator) and Lieke Ploeger (community builder).

Photo Neue Rituale / Spektrum / Ciannameo & Ploeger Gbr.

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