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Recap — Sonic Acts Festival 2019


Sonic Acts






Under the title HEREAFTER, Sonic Acts explored the genesis of our current crisis – what happens in the hereafter – by reflecting on the issues we are forced to confront on a daily basis: the inequalities caused by colonisation and geostrategic manoeuvring, the challenges brought forth by immigration and the climate crisis, the ever-present exploitation and precarity of the work force, and the way technological advancements disrupt and not emancipate – that is, the gooey mesh of global capitalism. In order to gauge the complexities and interconnections of this crisis and re-imagine a different reality, it is helpful to look back, re-evaluate and untangle the threads that encumber our thinking outside the sticky terrain of neoliberalism.

Video by Fridaymilk
Communication – Zhanna Guzenko
Filming & Editing – Oleg Khadartsev, Aleksandr Alekseev

Image Courtesy of the organisation

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