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 Truth in Immersion?
Virtual Reality, 3D Sound and Fulldome


IKO, Lee Gamble, Alba G. Corral, Eva Fischer, Gregor Ladenhauf, Lisa Blanning


Elevate Festival





Are you ready to suspend your disbelief? Are you ready to accept a new truth?

Our conception of the real is inavoidably shaped by perception. Through sensorial inputs that we see, hear and feel, we experience our individual impression of truth and reality. Immersion is a state of consciousness where the awareness of the physical self is transformed by being surrounded in an artificial environment. The greater the suspension of disbelief, the greater the degree of presence achieved. In creating communal immersive experiences we have the opportunity to imagine new perceptions of reality, that through our individual senses are also shared and experienced collectively.

This panel discussion explores visions and experiences alike. Where are we heading to in terms of VR experiences, 3D Sound and Fulldome Media? Artists, musicians, coders and festival makers discuss perspectives and implications of immersive experiences of various formats. There is also a live-demonstration of Ambisonic 3D sound during the panel discussion.

Photo Courtesy of the organisation

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