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VIRAL 2018







Viral is a project by Lighthouse for 16-25 year olds who want to work in the creative and digital industries, but who don’t have the opportunities, facilities and connections they need. The project is for young people from diverse backgrounds, including those not in work or training.

In this video, we hear from everyone involved in the development of the project – we look to reveal moments in the programme that can be replicated in the next iteration of the project and how participant-led programmes can be implemented across borders to our Re-Imagine partners.

Over six months the young people receive production training, business development, mentoring, showcasing opportunities and peer-to-peer support. The project was co-designed with the participants and focuses on a range of disciplines including music, film, photography and design.

A vital part of Viral is bringing the young people together with professionals and businesses in the city. As well as providing sponsorship to help make the project financially possible, our business partners run workshops and skills development sessions for the participants, covering topics such as branding, budgeting, digital marketing and data analysis.

These partnerships enable the young people to build confidence and gain a greater understanding of how different workplaces operate, as well as offering the businesses a chance to get to know the younger generation.

Photo Courtesy of the organisation

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