Untitled (The Pentacle – 15.3 Surround Sound System)

by 27 November 2018


Ji Youn Kang


Sonic Acts


Amsterdam, NL and Bratislava, SK



In her performance for the Pentacle 15.3 system, Ji Youn Kang plays with two customised bamboos and a small Korean gong, with analog devices that connect the instruments for further real-time processing.

Kang uses the voltage flow between her body, a self-built generator, the bamboos and an extra synth, until they become strongly linked together. The gong provides rhythmical ritual flow and takes over the gesture from the bamboos, expanding its rhythmic worlds outwards, until the whole space becomes a part of the resonating body, singing and breathing together with the instruments’ stubborn struggling voices.

A4 and Sonic Acts commissioned Ji Youn Kang to develop new sound work to be played on ‘The Pentacle’ sound system. ‘The Pentacle’ is a powerful high fidelity mobile speaker system, developed at STEIM in Amsterdam by Fedde ten Berge and Jesse Meijer, consisting of 15 self-designed loudspeakers and 3 self-designed subwoofers. Ji Youn Kang performs her new work on The Pentacle sound system during one evening at the NEXT Festival for Advanced Music on 28 November 2018, after a residency period at STEIM in Amsterdam (organized by Sonic Acts) and at A4 in Bratislava. It is later played at Sonic Acts Festival on 22 February 2019.


❗Video diary from Day One w/ Fedde ten Berge / Ji Youn Kang / Hugo Esquinca. Come down tonight for the legendary AMM / Gosheven / Èlg (SHAPE platform) and Shitney. Event ➡️ to Nora Sola Martinez for the vid / Music: Bolka

Geplaatst door Next // Advanced Music Festival op Donderdag 29 november 2018

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