On ‘A Psychedelic Becoming’

by 17 February 2020


Hugo Esquinca, Yuk Hui


Sonic Acts, INA GRM


Amsterdam (NL)


Multichannel Intervention

For Hugo Esquinca, sound intervention and research turns in on itself with defined aspects presenting unrepeatable results. Last year at Sonic Acts he considered localisation through programming and spatial resonance. He comes back with a multichannel compositional intervention of (dis)organised accidents in spectral synthesis which sets up Yuk Hui’s notions of Recursivity and Contingency as an open structure for sonic emergence.

Hugo Esquinca’s live multichannel intervention On ​A Psychedelic Becoming’ within De Brakke Grond confronts recursion and its openness to the necessity of contingency. The compositional framework involves modal amplification, spatial distribution and processual (dis)organisation. Yuk Hui reflects on their resonant consequences and emerging relations as part of the intervention.

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