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Amazon Unmasked: Workers’ Rights During the Pandemic




Disruption Network Lab




Chris Smalls, Yonatan Miller



Warming up to the 23rd conference BEHIND THE MASK: Whistleblowing During The Pandemic (18-20 March 2021), Disruption Network Lab invites to join the first community meetup of this year with Amazon whistleblower & Co-founder of The Congress of Essential Workers Chris Smalls together with activist Yonatan Miller of Berlin vs. Amazon and the Tech Workers Coalition Berlin.

In March 2020 Chris Smalls was fired from Amazon after organizing an employee walk-out protest against Amazon’s working conditions during the pandemic that put workers at risk, including failing to inform them on COVID-19 infections amongst the staff, as well as having to work in unsanitary warehouse working conditions. Since then, he has launched launched The Congress of Essential Workers to help protect the health of essential workers.

In the meetup, he goes over his experience as an essential worker and the ongoing fight for better working conditions and fair wages. Yonatan Miller shares a local perspective on the work done by Berlin vs. Amazon and the Tech Workers Coalition Berlin.

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