Re-Imagine Europe is a four-year project with 10 cultural institutions from across Europe, addressing the social and political challenges we face today.


Disruptive Fridays #13 ReImagine Culture

Watch the registration of Disruptive Fridays #13 ReImagine Culture on October 16, 2020. Re-Imagine Europe partners Davorka Begović, Anna Ramos, Slavo Krekovic talked about their "Learnings from Culture" during COVID-19,  moderated by Lieke Ploeger.


Radio Web MACBA: Son[i]a #319 John Richards/Dirty Electronics

In this podcast, John Richards touches on his views on functionality, control, and safety nets, and talks about his approach to speculative circuitry, authorship and composition.


Listen to podcast Radio Web MACBA: Son[i]a #318 Jonáš Gruska

Jonáš Gruska talks in this podcast about resonating spaces, resonating surfaces, tramways, self-taught electronic circuitry, field recordings, fermentation, mushrooms, and unusual microphones.


Pier artist in residence Lighthouse

Lighthouse announces recipients of the three-week remote artist's residency grants, imagining new ways of working together and supporting creatives.



This new episode of Roc Jiménez de Cisneros' OBJECTHOOD series features conversations with Diego Falconi, Rick Dolphijn, Dave Phillips, and music by Kali Malone.


Perfomance: Kali Malone

A new commissioned work by American composer and musician Kali Malone who contests standardised tuning through utterly magical compositions.

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