Re-Imagine Europe is a collaboration of 10 European cultural organisations that develop, produce, present and distribute new cutting-edge art that addresses the social and political challenges we face today.


Son[i]a #331: Eyal Weizman

In the second conversation with founding director of Forensic Architecture Eyal Weizman, Ràdio Web MACBA explore further the nuances of their sophisticated research practice, this time focusing on the notions of time and duration from a forensic perspective in order to unfold multiple temporalities from an instant.


Building an International Audience at GRM

In November 2020 Arie Altena interviewed François J. Bonnet, composer, musician and director of INA GRM in Paris. They discussed the ways in which GRM interacts with and builds its international audience.


Avant Joik – ‘Live In Bergen’

'Live In Bergen' is the first release by Alan Joik, a project by Katarina Barruk (joik, vocals) and Maja S. K. Ratkje (vocals, live electronics).


Radio Beyond Radio: The Ràdio Web MACBA Working Group

An interview with members of the Ràdio Web MACBA Working Group.


Basically Limited Vinyl Release

Limited edition pink marble vinyl LP of 'Basically' by Nikima Jagudajev, Jordan Balaber and Lester St. Louis.


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