Re-Imagine Europe is a collaboration of 10 European cultural organisations that develop, produce, present and distribute new cutting-edge art that addresses the social and political challenges we face today.


Make, Share, Change

Re-Imagine Europe publication collects articles, essays, interviews and reports about audience engagement for interdisciplinary arts organisations.


Time To Listen, Space To Experiment

Time to Listen, Space to Experiment: Perspectives from Re-Imagine Europe 2017-2021 is the publication that concludes the Re-Imagine Europe project.


Jamila Prowse – An Echo For My Father

An Echo For My Father (2021) is the first iteration in a series of three moving image works, exploring Jamila's relationship with her late father Russell Herman, a South African jazz musician who migrated to the UK in the 1980s and passed away when Jamila was three.


Son[i]a #339: Aho Ssan

In this podcast Ràdio Web MACBA talk to Aho Ssan about his grandfather’s lost trumpet and about an Ivory Coast jazz band that’s impossible to track down. Along the way, we share the cinematic tension of his debut LP Simulacrum and the various routes that led him there.


Critical Writing for the Future

In this article Arie Altena looks back on the Critical Writing Workshops that Sonic Acts has organised over the past ten years.


Son[i]a #338: Andrea Ballestero

RWM talk to Andrea Ballestero about aquifers and amorphous futures, about imagination as an essential part of the academic research process, and about the potential of bureaucratic practices as cogs in a possible machinery of change—which does not necessarily have to involve large-scale global transformations.

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