Re-Imagine Europe is a collaboration of 10 European cultural organisations that develop, produce, present and distribute new cutting-edge art that addresses the social and political challenges we face today.


Publication: Time To Listen, Space To Experiment

Final Re-Imagine Europe publication to concluding the project


Sounding the Future

Interviewed by Karolina Rugle, the artists Rian Treanor and Jiří Suchánek, as well as Slávo Krekovič and Ľudovít Nápoký of A4, reflect on two workshops they organised for children.


Son[i]a #337: Raw Material Company

In this conversation, Marie Hélène Pereira and Fatima Bintou Rassoul Sy—two key members of Raw Material Company—discuss a situated feminist and decolonial practice that focuses on doing rather than enunciating and categorizing.


And still, we move

This text is a journal that has been written in collaboration with the artists that took part in the Pier residency, as well as artists working with Lighthouse as a result of the call, and the Lighthouse team and trustees.


Son[i]a #335: Samaneh Moafi

In this podcast, Samaneh Moafi turns a gaze to notions of ecocide, negative commons and environmental violence in pursuit of accountability and change.


Sissel Marie Tonn – Plastic Hypersea

In this video Sissel Marie Tonn talks about the research that preceded and inspired the project Plastic Hypersea

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