Disruption Network Lab

Disruption Network Lab

Disruption Network Lab (DE) is a Berlin-based platform of events and research focused on politics, technology and society. 

DNL organises participatory interdisciplinary events at the intersection of human rights and technology with the objective of strengthening freedom of speech, and exposing the misconduct and wrongdoing of the powerful.

The goal of the Disruption Network Lab is to present and generate new possible routes of social and political action within the framework of digital culture and information technology, shedding light on interventions that provoke political and social change. DNL offers a platform of discussion for whistleblowers, human right advocates, artists, hackers, journalists, lawyers and activists to present their experience, their research and their actions – with the objective to share ideas and visions for a free Internet and a modern democracy, and with the aim to strengthen human rights values and freedom of speech.

By connecting and bringing in dialogue experts that unfold inner structures of political, economical and technological systems, DNL promotes in-depth understanding of digital culture in everyday life and society.

Photo: Maria Silvano