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Disruptive Friday #9: Crossing Borders: Sub-Saharan Communities of Care & Resistance




Disruption Network Lab




Sharlotte Kigezo, Peter Nkanga, Jedi Ramalapa, moderated by Magnus Ag & Lieke Ploeger



Global. That is the definition and the reality of a pandemic. Yet, most attention and resources are confined by human made borders. Hosted in collaboration with Bridge Figures, Disruptive Fridays #9 connects with creative and activist communities in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa to learn and share about responses relevant to local and global communities.

Sharlotte Kigezo (Psychologist, KY/UG)
Peter Nkanga (Journalist & campaigner, NG)
Jedi Ramalapa (Broadcast journalist, ZA)
• Moderated by Magnus Ag (Bridge Figures, DK) and Lieke Ploeger (Disruption Network Lab, NL/DE).

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, an overwhelming amount of news and data has been flooding us. The media coverage seems to focus on the national and hyperlocal situation – while we are dealing with a global pandemic. This conversation focuses on the response of Sub-Saharan Africa to the coronavirus outbreak, and hear from some of the people that work on creating a conversation around COVID-19 – one that can contribute to a more global understanding of what we are all facing.

Photo Courtesy of the organisation 

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