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Visiting the Invisible: A Berlin City Tour to Anonymous and Aggressive Real Estate Investors [online]




Disruption Network Lab


Berlin (DE)


Christoph Trautvetter



As part of Evicted By Greed Conference, Disruption Network Lab hosts an online city tour: A Berlin City Tour to Anonymous and Aggressive Real Estate Investors.

On the virtual stroll from Potsdamer Platz into Kreuzberg – one of Berlin’s most popular and dynamic neighborhoods – the participants discover houses that are owned by anonymous investors and hear the stories they have to tell about how those investors hide their identity, maximise their profits – often at the cost of the inhabitants – and how they avoid taxes and many other forms of regulation. It is also a chance to learn about some colourful examples of alternative approaches to house ownership, and get to know the neighborhood.

The tour draws on the findings of the project “Wem gehört die Stadt” of the Rosa-Luxemburg Stiftung, including recent and forthcoming studies on the ownership structure of Berlin with data collected from various groups. The participants of the tour will receive a small guidebook that contains further information on the investors behind the visited houses.

The tour is in partnership with Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung.

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