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An Introduction to Modular Synthesis Using VCV Rack


An Introduction to Modular Synthesis Using VCV Rack








K Man (The Phantom)



A free online workshop for Black* music producers that introduces modular synthesis using free software VCV Rack. Lead by K Man (The Phantom).

There’s an activist sentiment behind the workshop, which has to do with diversifying the culture surrounding Modular Synthesisers. That’s why it was decided in this instance to offer the limited 10 spaces only to people with African or Caribbean lineage/heritage. In this online workshop, K Man demonstrates the fundamental principles of modular using VCV Rack, with a focus on using the software to create new sounds and patterns that can then be sampled, or used as a starting point for tracks within a DAW.

The workshop focuses on practical exploration over discussion of theory and demonstrate how use of the software (and by extension, modular synthesiser hardware) can be incorporated into your existing musical practice.

Modular synthesisers are expensive, so there is a high barrier to entry. VCV Rack is a free modular synthesiser emulator, with which users can experiment with modular synthesis without the cost associated with hardware. Modular synthesis can throw up unexpected and exciting results, and the workflow is radically different to that in a DAW such as Ableton.

Photo Courtesy of the organisation

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