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Artist Talks at Touch Me Festival 2020


Artist Talks at Touch Me Festival 2020






Zagreb (HR)


Ana Rajčević, Anthea Caddy and Miodrag Gladović



Touch Me Festival deals with interconnections between art and science through themes that engage and inspire contemporary artists and scientists in the field of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics. From the perception of time to the exploration of pleasure, Touch Me Festival offers new sensation and opens up new dimensions of human perception, presenting within each of the triennial some of the most important projects of international and Croatian investigative art.

Since 2005 and through its five past editions, Touch Me festival has so far explored dark matter, time, pleasure, intelligence and energy abuse. Developing continuously at the intersection of art and science, this year the festival is bigger than ever.  The exhibition programme, sound performances, lectures, artist talks, workshops and film programme gather works in the field of exploratory and interdisciplinary arts and experimental sound. Along with the thematic outline which focuses on new forms of coexistence between living beings, nature and technology, the festival also brings KONTEJNER’s curatorial exhibition and performance programme developed within two European projects: EMAP – European Media Art Platform and Re-Imagine Europe.

Re-Imagine Europe conference programme includes artist talks by Anthea Caddy and Miodrag Gladovic who discuss sound and technological research and the process of making a system for projecting a long-range sound beam, as well as Ana Rajcevic who gives a lecture on interdisciplinary research that combines experimental art and design with research in biomedicine, history, materials science and psychology.

Photo Vanja Babic

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