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Bergen Kunsthall | Residency & Performance | Hominin


Bergen Kunsthall | Residency & Performance | Hominin




Bergen Kunsthall


Bergen (NO)


Mark Fell, Rian Treanor, and Meyer-Chaffaud



Hominin is a new work by Mark Fell that brings together electronic music, light, kinetic objects and human movement.

Drawing from concerns evident in earlier pieces – including recorded works, performance, installation and educational projects – the work constructs and explores procedural relationships between technical and non-technical elements. In describing his ongoing interests Fell refers to Karen Barad’s agential realism and the ‘open-ended, entangled material practices’ within which the “social and the scientific are co-constituted”.

The work’s distinctive non-unilinear topology is based upon algorithmic approaches to time-structuring; these emerged from a series of exploratory workshop sessions called ‘Permutations’ recently delivered by the artist in Japan and Europe. The piece will be performed at the Poekhali festival by Mark Fell, Rian Treanor and the Meyer-Chaffaud dance company. An adaptation for Bergen Kunsthall will be created during a residency of Mark Fell and Rian Treanor during Poekhali , as part of Re-Imagine Europe project co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

Date | 17 August 2019
Time | 21.00
Location | Bergen Kunsthall
Admission | NOK 200

This year’s edition of Poekhali, a one-day festival at Bergen Kunsthall, is inspired by the play ‘A Feast in Time of Plague’ written in 1830 by Alexander Pushkin and proposing a joyful gathering as a manoeuvre to overcome the horror of total decay. We draw inspiration from the play and speculate over various strategies for surviving a catastrophe, dragging a line from love and compassion to death, with works and performances by Susan Schuppli, Carmina Escobar, Lee Patterson, Crystallmess, Otim Alpha and many others.

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