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Blue(s) in Green to the 31 Limit at Sonic Acts Academy


Blue(s) in Green to the 31 Limit at Sonic Acts Academy



till 18.02.2018


Sonic Acts


Amsterdam, NL


Catherine Christer Hennix (SE/D), Benjamin Duboc (FR), Rozemarie Heggen (NL), Hilary Jeffery (UK/D) and Marcus Pal (SE)



Blue(s) in Green to the 31 Limit is a new work by composer, philosopher, mathematician, and visual artist Catherine Christer Hennix, premiering at Sonic Acts Academy with two performances at the Stedelijk Museum.

The work elaborates on concepts of space and continues earlier experiments in micro-tonality, just intonation, and the space of sound. Hennix’ residency, commission and its public presentation are part of a collaborative mission to diversify the canon of sound art by including forgotten and other voices, and aims at reaching out to new and diverse audiences. The residency presents an opportunity for intergenerational knowledge transfer, with Hennix – working towards the premiere of the new work – sharing her skills with a group of younger musicians and artists. A public ‘Sunday Seminar’ gives a larger audience insight into her working practices as a sound artist who crosses boundaries while developing new ideas that defy artistic, scientific and social conventions. Through its scientific and idiosyncratic approach Hennix’ work stimulates artists and audience to become change-makers.

Photo: Pieter Kers

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