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Borders of Fear Workshop: Critical Tools for Counter Investigations


Borders of Fear Workshop: Critical Tools for Counter Investigations




Disruption Network Lab


Berlin (DE)


Dimitra Andritsou



Contemporary conflicts increasingly take place in highly mediatized environments, producing vast amounts of raw data and images in their aftermath. The proliferation of smartphones, which has created an active state of ‘collective witnessing,’ has meant that human rights violations in conflict have never been so thoroughly documented. However, such cases can be complex, and understanding what has taken place can be challenging. Architectural analysis and digital modelling techniques enable us to unravel that complexity, and to present information in a convincing, precise, and accessible manner – qualities which are crucial for the pursuit of accountability.

Drawing on the recent investigations of Forensic Architecture at the Greek/Turkish border, this workshop engages in all the stages required in order to counter investigate state and corporate crimes within our era of civil documentation: from recording evidence, to data and media collection; from the analysis of images, to their cross-reference and navigation; from interpreting information to its stitching and recreation. This involves going step by step through various investigative methodologies – fieldwork, image complex, sychronization, geolocation, remote sensing, open-source queries, 3D modelling, video editing, as well as testimony – and rethinking the tools and networks we have access to in our everyday life as potentially imperative in our struggle for justice and demands for accountability.

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