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Disruptive Fridays #19: The Q In Qonspiracy


Disruptive Fridays #19: The Q In Qonspiracy




Disruption Network Lab




Roberto Bui, Wu Ming 1 and Florian Cramer



In this conversation between Wu Ming 1 and Florian Cramer, QAnon is discussed as a template for contemporary social-media-driven conspiracy fantasies that work simultaneously as games and a new kind of cults. By focusing on the mutation of conspiracy myths from countercultural phenomena to contemporary meme and influencer culture, they focus on three conspiracy narratives: “The Great Replacement” (from Renaud Camus to Charlottesville), QAnon (from Pizzagate to the Capitol storming) and “The Great Reset” (as a set of pandemic-inspired variations on the old New World Order trope).

The conversation is centered around Wu Ming 1’s forthcoming book  La Q di Qomplotto [The Q in qonspiracy], to be published end of March by Edizioni Alegre, which describes how conspiracy fantasies help legitimise systems of control (find here the index in English).

For the Italian readers, the book is already available for pre-order at

Photo Courtesy of the organisation 

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