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Disruptive Fridays #23 · Expanding the Stream


Disruptive Fridays #23 · Expanding the Stream




Disruption Network Lab




Alexandra Weltz-Rombach, Oliver Baurhenn, Klara Hobza, Tatiana Bazzichelli



The Disruptive Fridays series started in April 2020, reflecting on collective solutions to foster critical thinking and cultural experimentation despite the global interruption of cultural events caused by the pandemic. The pandemic is not over yet, and cultural venues, artists, curators and producers are still suffering its consequences. However, we will remember this time as a moment in which we also took a challenge by inventing new opportunities and contexts of cultural engagement, and by developing new tools of interaction to connect with our audience. On May 21 Disruption Network Lab’s artistic director Tatiana Bazzichelli meets for a conversation filmmaker and producer Alexandra Weltz-Rombach, the co-artistic director of CTM Festival Oliver Baurhenn, and cross-disciplinary visual artist Klara Hobza. Together, they share ideas and practices on how to develop experimental online formats, expanding the potential of digital culture, for festivals, workshops and other events, and share experiences that had a positive cultural impact so far.

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