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Disruptive Fridays #24 · Digital Futures


Disruptive Fridays #24 · Digital Futures




Disruption Network Lab




Andrew Mallinson, Imogen Malpas, Irem Kurt and Ana Filipa Maceira, Nada Bakr



Disruptive Fridays #24 “Digital Futures” features projects from The New New fellowship. The projects explore the multitude of possible digital futures where migrant, BIPOC, queer, trans and marginalized genders voices reclaim intersectional digital spaces. Andrew Mallinson, Imogen Malpas, Irem Kurt and Ana Filipa Maceira join Nada Bakr to bring and share their inclusive visions for a plural digital future. Together, they reflect on methods of collective practices, participatory design, anonymity, community building & coming together at a space for experimentation, the New New fellowship.

The New New is a space to explore our digital futures, what they hold for us, and how we can shape them. It aims to be a place for exchange, exploration and creation where current systems and practices can be reimagined. Rather than focusing on techno-solutionist narratives or technology’s economic opportunities, social values are at the heart of the discussion.

OUSA is a collective of migrant, BIPOC and diaspora illustrators and social changers that are building an intersectional digital platform to bring awareness to inequity and discrimination by creating new forms of collaboration and creative exchange.

Queering Voice AI: Syb, a voice interface designed by and for trans people which connects users to media created by the trans community.

The Dark Matters Database is a collaborative online portal documenting under-publicised illness presentations in Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) and marginalised genders. It is built on crowdsourced symptom information in the form of text and/or images from anonymous submitters around the world, and will serve both as a diagnostic aid for clinicians and as a self-advocacy tool for these groups.

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