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Disruptive Fridays #5: Lockdown or Crackdown?


Disruptive Fridays #5: Lockdown or Crackdown?




Disruption Network Lab




Stellan Vinthagen, Mauro Mondello and Jonas Frankki



Disruptive Fridays #5 – Lockdown or Crackdown? – features Stellan Vinthagen (Professor of Sociology, Scholar-Activist, US/SE) and Mauro Mondello (Investigative Journalist, IT/DE). Moderated by Jonas Frankki (Disruption Network Lab, SE/DE).

How can citizens fight for their rights during the pandemic? Both Vinthagen and Mondello have long experience on the ground and in the field, Vinthagen as a researcher and non-violent activist, Mondello as an investigative journalist covering the Middle East. During the ongoing COVID19 Pandemic, Mauro Mondello is covering the developments in Hungary and Poland, where civil liberties are under threat from leaders who are using the crisis to further extend their powers. Stellan Vinthagen has spent decades combining non-violent activism and civil disobediance with sociological research, to further the understanding and develop theories on how non-violent resistance movements function.

This edition discusses what is happening at the moment in countries like Poland and Hungary, and discuss what effective activism and resistance might look like during lockdown.

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