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Evicted by Greed Meetup: Pushing Back Against Housing Disruptors





Disruption Network Lab


Berlin (DE)


Berlin vs. Amazon, Kotti & Co, Kunstblock and beyond



How can we counter the disruptive impact of financial speculation in the real estate market? What are the strategies of some of the many Berlin-based activist collectives, how do they organise their communities? What are their plans for the Housing Action Day on 28 March, when people across Europe take to the streets to demand that their homes and cities must stop being sources of profit?

In their first community meetup of the year, Disruption Network Lab invites you to join for a warm-up to the first event of the year, EVICTED BY GREED: Global Finance, Housing and Resistance, which focuses on the issues of financial corruption and tax havens in the real estate market and the countermeasures adopted by civil society. The event features three Berlin-based initiatives, Berlin vs. Amazon, Kotti & Co and KunstBlock and beyond who share how they work on collective responses to the ever-increasing disruption of the housing market by speculators and real estate investors, with a special focus on their plans for the Housing Action Day on  28 March.

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