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More Moiré²





Sonic Acts


Amsterdam (NL)


Philip Vermeulen



Philip Vermeulen provokes emotional reactions with kinetic installations that listen in on unexpected conversations among everyday materials like elastics, textiles and fluorescent lights. He tempers danger with attraction: to make Berghain less overwhelming as a 2018 venue for his monumental installation Boem BOem in which tennis balls fly at sound boxes at 150 km per hour – he turned out the lights and turned on a strobe.

Vermeulen’s sensorially powerful audiovisual installation More Moiré² premieres at Sonic Acts. In a panoramic Ganzfeld environment, with no horizon or anchor, the immersive cinematic experience puts visitors’ senses to the test. Inspired by the work of light artists such as Doug Wheeler and James Turrell, Vermeulen plays with human perception. In a virtual and abstract landscape of light, sound and moving moiré patterns, he constructs new worlds and dissolves others. The tension between the experience of bodyless digitality and material physicality is palpable in More Moiré², which resets the senses in stimulating the awareness of one’s own material existence.

The installation can visited until 27 February during the regular opening hours of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. 

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