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Paul Davies Masterclass


Paul Davies Masterclass








Paul Davis



In this workshop Paul Davies explores the idea of using sound to create space: not only the space in the frame of the picture, but the world outside the frame of the film. Using examples from his own work such as Ratcatcher, You Were Never Really Here, 71 and Hunger, and films that have influenced him, including Eraserhead, A Man Escaped, and Apocalypse Now, Paul discusses how sound can create both external and internal subjective spaces in film, and how Sound can add physicality and substance to a flat two-dimensional image on the screen.

Clips and a sound design session from Saint Maud are shown to demonstrate that the off-screen space and the internal psychological space are just as important as that which is shown onscreen. As film makers, we can use these spaces to help create the emotional and dramatic world that the characters inhabit. Paul also explores the grey area where sound can be used as an alternative to music and as a complimentary partner to score, looking at the differences and similarities of sound design and music.

Photo Courtesy of the organisation

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