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Progress Bar S04E02


Progress Bar S04E02




Sonic Acts



Amsterdam (NL)




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Progress Bar is a monthly club night dedicated to communal desire and collective joy. Every episode starts with a 90-minute talkshow with guests talking about their work in art, music and social action, and the material conditions that shape it. After the talks we move into the club, and, having spent time listening to the artists talk, dancing to their music is even more magical.

After an exhilarating first edition of the new season, Sonic Acts is excited to announce the artists for the next edition of Progress Bar, taking place on 20 December 2019 at OT301. This evening starts with a screening of Jeremy Deller’s recent film Putin’s Happy (2019) and a talk by ​‘intra-curricular initiative’ Unsettling. After that we move into the club and dance, this time with Bby Eco, Exploited Body, Hesska, Oli XL and Parisa Madani.

Founded in 2015, Progress Bar is a club night dedicated to communal desire and collective joy. After one season in Brighton, and episodes in Vilnius, Kharkiv and Pristina, this is its fourth season in Amsterdam. More than 100 artists, academics and activists from all over the planet have featured at Progress Bar, such as Elysia Crampton, Le1f, Bbymutha, Nkisi, Eaves, Klein, Gaika, DJ Nigga Fox, Sam Rolfes, Akwugo Emejulu, Ash Sarkar, Flavia Dzodan, Metahaven, Cakes da Killa, DJ Lycox, Linn da Quebrada, Flohio, James Massiah, Toxe, Evian Christ and many more.

20:30 Doors open
21:00–22:30 Talks
– Putin’s Happy (film, 2019, dir. Jeremy Deller)
– Unsetttling (talk)

22:30–03:00 Club
– Bby Eco
– Exploited Body
– Hesska
– Oli XL
– Parisa Madani // PSORIASIS aka B1txx3$k?llah*

Photo George Knegtel

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