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Rashad Becker Performing on a Sonible IKO 3D-Sound Speaker at Elevate




Elevate Festival


Graz, AT


Rashad Becker (DE)



On 1 March 2018 a new piece by Rashad Becker premieres at this year’s Elevate Festival for contemporary music, arts and political discourse: a performance on a Sonible IKO 3D-Sound Speaker.

As a mastering engineer, the Berlin-based composer and producer intensively deals with musical timbres, textures and tactile hearing. As part of Re-Imagine Europe, he composes a piece for the 3D-speaker IKO of the Graz-based audio-manufactory Sonible. The speakers, co-developed by the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics, imitate the radiation characteristics of almost every musical instrument. Rashad Becker uses the speaker itself as an instrument. From a single source, it radiates high-density sound waves to every corner of the room. The polyphonic sound textures of the piece arranged by Rashad Becker premiere at Forum Stadtpark.

Photo: Clara Wildberger

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