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Sonic Vibrations #1: Alien Organs



till 04.03.2018




Berlin, DE


Marinos Koutsomichalis (GR), Robertina Sebjanic (SI), Kat Austen (US)



The exhibition Alien Organs expands the tradition of experimental sound art by building new music machines – or new musical organs. Two workshops and an interactive performance are produced as part of Re-Imagine Europe.

The hands-on workshop entitled Inhibition, led by Marinos Koutsomichalis, introduces the participants to open technologies, creative coding and hardware design, guiding them into making their own individuated headsets. The workshop concludes with the participants publicly showcasing the creative outcomes as well as a performance.

In the workshop Aquatonic, Robertina Sebjanic and Kat Austen show the participants how to build a simple DIY hydrophone for underwater aural exploration. It brings this technology to new audiences. Both workshops empower the audience to become changemakers and enlarge their technological skills. Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva sonificatio by Robertina Sebjanic is a performance that explores the phenomena of interspecies’ communication, sonification of the environment, and underwater acoustic/bioacoustics.

The interactive performance responds to the challenge of climate change and features live transmitted sound generated by Aurelia Aurita, these are mixed into a new soundscape score, which is assembled into an immersive sonic and visual experience.

Photo: Spektrum / Ciannameo & Ploeger Gbr.

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