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Talks and reading series #1 – Weeds: For the Natufians




Bergen Kunsthall


Bergen (NO)


Lisa Robertson


In response to a limitation in their live program capabilities in 2020, Bergen Kunsthall has produced a new series of recorded talks and readings with local and international artists and writers, developing a dialogue surrounding their exhibition program and exploring practices of local artists which they will be presenting to wider online audiences.
This new series utilises the input of artists and writers to initiate dialogues in connection with their current exhibition program and expands upon themes socially and politically relevant within their own studio practices. Artists invited in the series include Annette Kierulf, Kobie Nel, Elsebet Rahlff and Maia Urstad with three readings provided by Lisa Robertson, Elvia Wilk and Rebecca Tamás.
In her recorded audio piece, ‘Weeds: For the Natufians’, Lisa Robertson documents the archaeological excavation of the Natufian culture in the Levant by the British archaeologist Dorothy Garrod, in the 1930s. In the context of Simone Fattal’s recent exhibition ‘Fix Your Gaze Upon Saturn’s Rings’, it tells the story of a very long duration of telluric making and formal invention, often by women, deploying all of the documentary variation and inconsistency within the research as structural rhythm and sonic plenitude.
All talks and readings will be made available online (see link buttons above).
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