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Video Design



till 25.02.2018


Sonic Acts

Elevate Festival


Paradiso Noord/Tolhuistuin (Amsterdam, NL)


Karl Klomp (NL)



For Elevate Festival in collaboration with Sonic Acts, media artist Karl Klomp designs the lighting and video design for the various programmes. This lighting and video design is a next iteration of the video design Klomp developed for the Progress Bar events and the night at the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ which was part of the Sonic Acts Festival.

At Progress Bar, an extensive LED was suspended above the audience in the main hall of Paradiso (Amsterdam), showing live video footage of the performances. LED screens on stage coincided with fog from a smoke machine for an intense visual experience. In Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Klomp designed a floating three-dimensional laser object for the entrance of the building. The video and lighting design has the aim of intensifying the experience of the audience, and creating a feeling of engagement. A first version of this commission is showcased at the Sonic Acts Academy 2018.

Photo: Pieter Kers

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