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We Are What We Hear – How Music Makes Us Who We Are


We Are What We Hear – How Music Makes Us Who We Are




Elevate Festival


Graz (AT)


Harry Witchel



Have you ever wondered why music makes you feel so good?

In these interactive demonstrations Harry Witchel performs with one or two classical musicians, and they take turns, with Witchel explaining, and the musicians demonstrating live, how the body and the brain are influenced by different kinds of music. It is done with live music because it is so vivid.

The musicians play enchanting, haunting, and brain-befuddling excerpts of music live on stage, in order to illustrate the aspects of music that wield power over our emotions. Together they show the audience why some music makes us joyous, while other music makes us sad, or angry, or anxious, and how the brain interprets this music. Witchel and the musicians also show how music plays with our mind – what we think, how we decide what to buy, and even how smart we are.

Photo Valerie Maltseva

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