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Experimental Music Instruments Workshop for Children


Experimental Music Instruments Workshop for Children







Bratislava (SK)


Jiří Suchánek



A4’s  activity is a two-days workshop for children focusing on experimental music instruments. It took place from 14 to 15 December 2019. The workshop for children focuses on the creation of experimental musical instruments made from found things, simple tiny engines and contact piezo microphones, which offer a wide range of applications in sound art, field recording, sound installations or sound distribution of objects. Using a hammer, a saw or a screwdriver, participants transform common things to the unconventional music instruments. Then participants sound them and  create unconventional experimental music. All the participants make their own piezo sensor and connect to engine with speed control. They solder, drill, screw, cut, connect, listen, record and play!

The workshop participants gain new knowledge, theoretical and practical skills and literacy in the process of creating and using the unconventional DIY music instruments in order to be able to create and compose the experimental music. By creating and participating in this workshop, A4 wants to empower its audience to become change-makers. To strengthen the impact of the workshop, A4 has also produced a digital tool/online video from the workshop.

Photo Courtesy of the organisation

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