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Claudia Treacher

Claudia Treacher

Claudia Treacher (UK) is a pansexual political art historian and co-conspirator with the Devil’s Dykes. She writes on themes of being in places you’re not supposed to be, flowers, liberation, and maths. In her spare time you might find her setting chains on fire, skulking around museums, or wandering the moors. She likes listening to people’s facial expressions.

She is part of Devils’ Dyke Network, an inclusive platform in Brighton for poets, performers and artists. The Network showcases older and newer talents amongst feminist women, gender non-binary, lesbian and queer identified people of different origins and identities – focusing on artists who have had difficult or complicated access to performing in other spaces. The Network arose from a collective desire to create a non-judgemental space for artists and audiences to grow, share, and amplify their stories, and as a strategic space from which to make politics.




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