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Davorka Begović

Davorka Begović

Davorka Begović curator and project manager Graduated Musicology at the Academy of Music, University of Zagreb. For the last 15 years, she has been working in the field of culture and art as a selector and a producer, primarily of music, but also theatre, contemporary dance, multimedia and film projects. She was an associate from the very beginning of the Culture of Change Programme at the Student Centre Zagreb, where afterwards she held the position of the Music Programme Artistic Director. Within that framework she initiated, artistically ran and produced the international festival Showroom of Contemporary Sound. Besides her work in the field of music, she had been active in the film industry for many years (Motovun Film Festival, Spiritus Movens, CineLink, Studio Dim), but after that she entirely devoted herself to artistic and curatorial work, improving and specializing in the field of contemporary (experimental) music and related art forms. Currently, she works as a freelance musicologist and independent curator, and as a collaborator of KONTEJNER she runs the international project Re-Imagine Europe. As an associate she lectures „Sound as the Visual Art Expression“ at the Animated Film and New Media Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. She publishes critics and articles, writes texts for discography and other releases.


Photo: Nina Durdevic

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