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Nenad Kovačić

Nenad Kovačić

Musician and composer Nenad Kovačić (HR) graduated at the University of Zagreb in Ethnology and Sociology. He has been active as a musician since 1997 and acts as a percussionist and explorer of the Balkan and west African rhythmics. He is a member of several bands and formations, such as Antenat, Sevdah Takht Damira Imamovića (Glitterbeat Records), Afion, Mimika, Truth≠Tribe, and he actively performs throughout the world. Kovačić is a active and present in the Croatian contemporary improv & experimental music scene. Since 2007 he has composed for over 20 theatre plays and documentary movies. A focal pont of this musical interest lies in traditional music: he has learnt from the greatest masters of West African percussion in Guinea, Mali and Burkina Faso, and in 2008 started to lead workshops focused on West African rhythms.



Samir Cerić Kovačević

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