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Son[i]a #298: Helen Pritchard

Son[i]a #298: Helen Pritchard


Helen Pritchard


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Helen Pritchard is an artist and researcher operating in the more or less gray area in which computing intersects geography, design and cyberfeminist technoscience. Through her artworks, writing, talks and workshops, Pritchard seeks to articulate a different social political gaze on code and computation, based on the notions of co-research, radical pedagogy and participation as key strategies to “move away from the idea of the expert or the genius” and to bring forward questions about collective learning and knowledge production.

Since 2013 Pritchard has been a member of the European Research Council funded project “Citizen Sense” led by Dr. Jennifer Gabrys, focused on the developent of creative methods that use physical computing and sensing technologies to think through and develop new theories of citizen sensing. Citizen Sense’s work is a constant reminder that hard data is not necessarily the end goal of environmental computing practices – it’s all about how that data is gathered, used, interpreted, owned and ultimately applied to real life scenarios beyond the spread sheets and pie charts. Likewise, her “Animal Hackers” project considers the entanglement of non-human animals, which she also refers to as “more-than-humans” with ubiquitous computing technologies.

In this podcast, Helen Pritchard discusses some of her works and collective projects, and talks about all sorts of double bonds. Orcas and sensors, fossils and fracking, alpaca and recipes, sheep and data infrastructures.

Photo Goldsmiths University

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