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Are Kleptocrats the Big Winners of Covid-19? · Disruptive Fridays #16


Tom Burgis, Alannah Travers


Disruption Network Lab





In the first Disruptive Fridays episode of the year, Disruptive Network Lab is joined by award-winning investigative journalist and author Tom Burgis to discuss the opportunities that the pandemic has provided for kleptocracy to flourish. Across the world, we’ve seen dramatic increases in government spending, logistical obstacles for watchdogs monitoring kleptocratic financial flows, and a ready-made excuse for restrictions on freedom of movement… and political protest. In this conversation, Tom shares his wealth of experience on the topic (nodding to his recently published second book, ‘Kleptopia: How dirty money is conquering the world”), on how the crisis has helped to break down defences against kleptocracy. What can we learn about the response to the pandemic and the structures that allow the transnational kleptocracy to thrive, what are our strategies to hold power to account and could the post-pandemic future look brighter?

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