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Critical Writing for the Future

Critical Writing for the Future


Arie Altena





In this article Arie Altena looks back on the Critical Writing Workshops that Sonic Acts has organised over the past ten years. These workshops took place during the festivals and other Sonic Acts events. They offered young writers and students the opportunity to improve their writing skills, and develop a critical approach to interdisciplinary and new art practices. The workshops functioned as a space to experiment with new ways of critical writing. Through their critical texts they also offered Sonic Acts a way to engage with its audience on a deeper, critical level.

This article is part of the Re-Imagine Europe publication which  collects articles, essays, interviews and reports about audience engagement for interdisciplinary arts organisations. It aims to share knowledge gained throughout the Re-Imagine Europe project with professionals in the cultural sector who would like to gain a deeper insight in audience development and capacity building.

Photo Pieter Kers

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