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Democracy: A Security Risk?


Raul Zelik, Andrea Kretschmann, Martin Balluch, Tamara Ehs, Brigitte Kratzwald


Elevate Festival





For some years, an authoritarian turnaround has occurred in different parts of the world. Autocratic governments increasingly regard democracies as a security risk. In Europe, too, citizens increasingly experience repression when they demand political and democratic rights. The armed police and army, nationwide surveillance and the tightening of laws are used not only for the fight against terror, but also against their own citizens.

Civil society engagement becomes more risky and requires more and more courage. Under the banner of security precautions civil rights are reduced. At the same time, the crisis of Western democracies increases the need for initiatives that fight for the preservation of supposedly obvious rights. In this context, activists talk about the repression they experience in their day-to-day work and experts talk about the tightening of laws that accompany the heightened anti-terrorism measures, while discussing possible strategies for dealing with anti-democratic currents.

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