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Interview with Amalia Roxana Filip and Boris Vitázek – Language Exercises for Sonic Spaces (LESS)


Amalia Roxana Filip, Boris Vitázek




Bratislava (SK)



LESS (Chaosdroid – Amalia Roxana Filip and Boris Vitázek) performed a new audiovisual performance commissioned by the NEXT Festival 2019. Language exercises for sonic spaces (LESS) started as an experiment for a futurological congress. Its aim is to merge sound, visuals and virtual reality in a playful exploration of spoken and unspoken language(s). The topic explored at NEXT were understanding the alien, the unmet and the unfathomable. Can two beings talking different languages manage to convey their thoughts and emotions to each other? Or do they remain trapped in the forms of word-sounds?

Produced by A4 as a part of a project of international cooperation Re-Imagine Europe, co-financed by the program of EU Creative Europe and supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council and Bratislava Autonomous Region.

The video was created also by volunteers, as part of a project supported by the European Solidarity Corps program.

Photo Courtesy of the organisation

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