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Interview with Shibuya Motors

Interview with Shibuya Motors


Shibuya Motors







The extended ensemble of the death-jazz (or avant-core) project Shibuya Motors brought to A4 a wild improvisational storm performed by Slávo Krekovič (above the table full of electronics) and Miro Tóth (unbound vocals and virtuoso saxophone) joined by two elite drummers – Viennese Didi Kern (Fuckhead, Bulbul) and Balász Pándi from Budapest (co-player of Jim Jarmusch, Thurston Moore, Merzbow and many metal projects). The musicians – together featured on the critically acclaimed record awarded by the Radio_Head Award – bring you the same concept – genres gone with the wind from the speakers, with a pure energy and high voltage. “They came, destroyed, and left a wide smile on every face” said magazine Aardvark about their performance at the festival Alternativa.

Photo Courtesy of the organisation

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